Agrarian Economy 2021 Т. 14 № 3-4: 39-47


S. Temnenko, PhD student
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-0331-8706
Lviv National Agrarian University


The main performance factors of Ukrainian feed additives market are considered in the article. In the course of the research, it was found that the reduction the number of farm animals caused significant reduction in domestic demand for feed additives for cattle and goats. In Ukraine, the efficient branches are the poultry and pig breeding, the growth of which has become the most noticeable driving force for development of the domestic feed additives market.

The analysis of the state feed additives register showed that the main countries-suppliers of additives to the domestic market are Germany, Ukraine, Poland, France, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, China, Austria, Great Britain. According to the registered assortment, the leaders of the domestic market of feed additives are DSM corporation, Josera GmbH & Co. KG, Germany and Innov Ad nv / sa, Belgium. Ukrainian manufacturers are still significantly inferior to the competition of foreign companies.

To analyze the peculiarities of formation of the demand for feed additives among animal-breeding enterprises in the Lviv region, a questionnaire was conducted, which showed that among those enterprises, only 46% of respondents used feed additives. Those are almost all poultry farms and most pig farms. Using feed additives, companies primarily aim to balance the diet of animals for vitamins, trace elements and amino acids. Instead, only 5% of respondents use feed additives as adjunctive therapy in the treatment of certain physiological disorders in animals. Among companies that did not use feed additives, 41% said they considered it economically unprofitable due to the high cost, and 30% said they were afraid that the use of feed additives could negatively affect the quality of animal products.


feed additives, market, animal husbandry, farm animals, animal-breeding enterprises



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