AGRARIAN Economics


The Journal “Agrarian Economics” keeps to the high standards of publishing by means of persistent control over the level of quality of scientific articles within the frames of corresponding ethical policy of publications. Keeping to ethical standards in publications is an important issue for establishment of an appropriate level of credit of social trust to the Journal and high quality of published articles as well as their writing independence (originality). “Agrarian Economics” keeps to the norms of behavior and international standards, defined by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and is available in free access at the site of the Committee (http:/


Responsibilities of the publisher:

Editor-in-chief of the Journal makes decisions as to publishing of the articles sent to the editorial staff. However, editor-in-chief keeps to the policy of Editing Board in the field of correspondence of the publications to the requirements of legal character in order to prevent publishing of materials, which demonstrate copyright deterioration, plagiary, libel character and threat to the state safety. Editor-in-chief of the Journal makes decisions after consultation with other members of the editing board.

“Rules of the game”:

Manuscripts should be estimated exclusively on the ground on their intellectual level, without consideration of the authors’ race, their articles, region, ethical origin, citizenship or political philosophy.


Editor-in-chief and the whole staff of editing board and editing panel has no right to spread any information and discuss it with anyone, but the authors, reviewers, potential reviewers and publishers.

Responsibilities of reviewers:

         Support in making of editing decision



Objective approach

Familiarity with the topic of the article and relating sources

Responsibilities of authors:

Authors of publications should guarantee their originality and no previous publishing or submission for publication to other publishers.