Agrarian Economy 2021 Т. 14 № 3-4: 84-92


I. Yatsiv, Doctor of Economic Sciences, associate professor
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-2370-6351
Lviv National Agrarian University


The article presents the research results concerning the main characteristics and features of formation of the financial conditions of agricultural enterprises of Ukraine. It is noted that the mechanism of financial management should include measures to implement certain competitive strategies. It is established that in recent years the main indicators of the financial conditions of agricultural enterprises significantly exceed the similar indicators, which are the average for the country's economy. The satisfactory financial conditions expand the opportunities of agricultural enterprises for the successful implementation of competitive strategies.

The dependence of financial conditions of agricultural enterprises on their size is analyzed in the work. In general, the financial results of operation of small agricultural enterprises, including micro-enterprises, are satisfactory. An adaptive competitive strategy is promising for small agricultural producers, as it provides for high flexibility, mobility of management, focus on finding unmet demand. The main indicators of the financial conditions of large agricultural companies are slightly lower than the average in industry. It gives grounds for critical assessment of the application of agricultural holdings strategy, which provides for the achievement of competitive advantages through large-scale production. The influence of profitability of production of certain types of products on the application of diversification strategies by agricultural enterprises is shown. The connection between the receivables turnover and application of marketing functional strategy by agricultural enterprises is considered by the author.

It is noted that competitive advantages, associated with lower costs, are especially important for agricultural enterprises. Those companies should focus on a strategy to minimize costs that will result in the reduction in production costs. The elements of such a strategy include optimization of assets owned by the company, justification of the rational scale of production, attracting the necessary amount of financial resources to improve the technological efficiency of production.


agricultural enterprises, financial conditions, financial analysis, competitiveness, competitive strategies, competitive advantages



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